G-SQUAD PRO Documentary Series "THE REAL" #2 Enduro Mountain Bike:CASIO G-SHOCK

The G-SQUAD PRO GSW-H1000, the first G-SHOCK smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google™. It’s shock resistant tough body handles 20-bar water resistance, equipped with GPS and optical multi-sensors. From daily workouts to extreme sports, this smartwatch is full of functions useful for a wide range of activities. nThis documentary film titled, “THE REAL”, features the G-SQUAD PRO in extreme environments. The second episode exhibits the extraordinary world of “Enduro Mountain biking”, a race to compete for the time to climb up steep mountains and race down rugged mountain terrains. We introduce Japan’s leading professional mountain bike rider Junya Nagata, as he embraces the full functionalities of the G-SQUAD PRO in his intense training to compete in the Enduro mountain bike races. nAs he expresses his passion for the ultimate mountain bike race “Enduro”, we follow him in his journey where the combination of both outstanding downhill riding techniques, and extraordinary endurance are required in his ultimate goal to become a world class Enduro racer.nn■Official Links (International - English)nhttp://world.g-shock.com/asia-mea/en/nn■公式ブランドサイト (日本語)nhttps://gshock.casio.com/jp/nn---nABSOLUTE TOUGHNESSnA 10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance and 10-meter dropping shock resistance. nThese were the three requirements of the “Triple 10” concept that led to development G-SHOCK's shock-resistant structure. nThe rugged shape and robust styling originated with an engineer's brief calling for an "unbreakable watch". nSince its birth in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued its unrestrained evolution while retaining its unique basic structure. nToday, G-SHOCK continues to take up challenges beyond the limits of time and common sense. n---n強さは、さらなる高みへ。n時計にタフネスという新たな概念を築き上げたG-SHOCK。すべては、落としても壊れない時計をつくるという開発者の熱き信念、当時の常識を覆す、無謀ともいえる挑戦から始まった。n1981年、プロジェクトチーム・タフ結成。200を超える試作が繰り返され、約2年にも及ぶ歳月が費やされた。完成したのが、耐衝撃構造。タフの中核を担うテクノロジーの誕生である。n以来、G-SHOCKは、終わりなき進化を続けてきた。構造、素材、機能。あらゆる面から、さらなるタフを追い求めて。そして今、そのあくなき挑戦、たゆまぬ努力が、3つの重力加速度に耐える強化構造、TRIPLE G RESISTに結実。さらに、あらゆる環境下での使用に応えるオールマイティタフの追求により、軽快かつ確実な操作性を叶えるSMART ACCESSの搭載を実現。nどこまでも強く。その先の強さを目指して。G-SHOCK、その挑戦に終わりはない。n---n#GSHOCK #CASIO #TOUGHNESS


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