For me, magic by Dior happens when you pick the right fragrance for the right time and the right occasion.

When you manage to do so, the moment gets enhanced while you are just standing back presently and enjoying the show. @dior The way I characterize and use J’adore In Joy is for joyful moments, how genius you may think. The moment that will for certain give me joy is the golden hour spent on the beach. That is exactly how Dior’s campaign with Charlize Theron looks like (now that’s genius). J’adore In Joy was launched a year ago. It is a fruity floral with a salty taste (same feeling as being on the beach after 7pm), but that salt doesn’t resemble anything aquatic and it fits perfectly with jasmine, neroli, tube rose, ylang-ylang and the fruitiness of a peach. This is a light perfume. It is very casual even though it’s beautiful bottle suggests something very fancy, but who says you can’t be casual and fancy at the same time. @dior #perfume #perfumequeen #fragrance #jadoredior #dior #diorperfume #fragrance #scent #goldenhour #beach #luxury #beauty

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