Santal 33 by Le Labo

Santal 33 by Le Labo is a definition of a modern woody scent. It is intriguing, edgy, urban and cold; when I say cold I mean cooling and piercing. Bright sandalwood notes and light cedar are beautifully blended with papyrus and leather. It gives you confidence and swag without trying too hard. Be ready for some aggression in the beginning, but it will settle down after 20 minutes and from then the scent will not change as time passes. I have a fragrance (or two) for every occasion and mood; I’m mentioning this because Santal 33 is in the special group called “works for any occasion”. Also, this versatile creation will get you a lot of attention. Some people will immediately like it and some will be puzzled what that mystical scent is. Solve the puzzle by trying it on your skin. lelabofragrances #lelabo #santal33 #perfumequeen #perfume #fragrance #beauty #newyork #makeup #travel #smellgood #soho #photography #fashion #style #design

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