It seems like Mugler perfumes are supposed to be weird, unique, or at least not ordinary.

Aura is no exception, specifically with its wild opening: sharp dark green that smells fresh but not ordinary citrus related fresh. Plus, it is pretty strong. There is a lot going on from the beginning towards the middle notes and they did a marvelous job with marketing Aura as a mysterious and intriguing fragrance. @mugler Middle is kinda tropical with bourbon vanilla and base is classic woody notes that fade pretty quickly on me (4 hours all together). I’m not complaining about its loud opening or shorter life, I actually like it that way. This is unusual, different and creative; this is not a perfume for all occasions and especially not for working environment. I find it perfect for outdoors (day), doing something exciting like riding a bike or climbing, no picnics and cute blankets with this one. For my liking It doesn’t hurt that bottle is heart shaped with the silver M that stands for Martina or Mugler, who knows... Give it a try when you need a break from the safe fragrance choices. @mugler #perfume #perfumequeen #perfumes #fragrance #beauty #scent #mugler #aura #mugleraura #luxury #style #fashion #green

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