Fève Delicieuse by Christian Dior

Fève Delicieuse by Christian @dior. My favorite gourmand fragrance. The best possible description would be: delicious. The other feelings that come to mind are: sweet, warm, comfortable, rich, smooth, edible, fun... Thanks to the beautiful accords of Venezuelan tonka bean, vanilla, caramel, cocoa, cherry, milk; It smells like a cake, like pastries, pralines or a cappuccino. There is so much sweetness going on but it still doesn’t feel heavy, it actually opens with some bitterness. It is a complex fragrance that has been masterfully blended. Not for those who are on any kind of diet, this will make you look for food and then some more. When It comes to the performance, it doesn’t disappoint with longevity of over 12 hours and great sillage. The best season to wear this Delicious Bean would be fall or winter or on colder days; or simply whenever you want to feel like it’s your birthday. #diorparfums @dior #dior #diorprivee #perfumequeen #diorperfume #diorparfums #perfume #fragrance #fevedelicieuse #delicious #scent #parfum #eaudetoilette

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