Maremma by Tiziana Terenzi doesn’t lack in anything.

It has character, it is complex, rich, well blended, full of contrast, sophisticated, filled with high quality ingredients, super long lasting (over 14h) with a strong sillage. @tizianaterenzi But this fragrance is not for everyone and most certainly not for every moment. Maremma can be overpowering. You have to be a confident person to pull this off. I mean, just look at the bottle, it screams dark and strong. You wear this when you want to make a statement, preferably at night. There is no way to wear it and not to get noticed, so you better put your best foot forward. In this spectacular fragrance, I’m mostly smelling cacao, honey, oak, patchouli, persimmon, amber and iris. All that together makes it sweet, bitter, woody, creamy with floral notes in the background. If you end up liking it, you will look for any excuse to wear it; just like I do. Great job #p.terenzi @tizianaterenzi #perfume #parfum #fragrance #scent #tizianaterenzi #maremma #smell #beauty #luxury #fashion #style #design #interiordesign #perfumequeen

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