I bought my first Forbidden Games Bykilian perfume in London four years ago.

I didn’t know much about the brand or what’s inside the pretty bottle, but Kilian’s killer branding got me in the store, their story got me emotionally involved and the way Forbidden Games smells, keeps me coming back for more (especially to the London store). Forbidden games is smooth and sexy, simple and complex at the same time. It is a fruity fragrance or to be more precise; it is a sweet gourmand fragrance. I feel like peach is always present, together with honey, milky vanilla, plum, apple, cinnamon. High quality and very well blended. @bykilian Many fragrances come and go out of my collection but this one has nothing to worry about. When wearing it, you will receive many compliments and I should mention as well that Forbidden Games is a perfect hot weather scent (which doesn’t hurt in Florida). #perfume #perfumes #perfumeasanart #forbiddengames #kilian #kilianparfum #luxury #fragrance #fashion #perfumequeen @dejan_kilian_brand_ambassador

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