YSL Black Opium for me is like a dessert.

You had a long productive day and to finish it on a high note, you decide to go out on a nice dinner with your date; or your friends. After a pleasant meal, it is time for a dessert. You want to spoil yourself with something very sweet; like a rich dark chocolate filled with black peppers and a cup of strong black coffee with a scoop of vanilla inside. That’s exactly what Opium is for me, and what a perfect name for a fragrance. It truly is highly addictive, no wonder so many women are wearing it all the time. My preference is to wear it only at night (after working hours) because of its intensity, warmth and spiciness. People easily get used to its strong sweetness (It truly is Opium) and often decide to reapply it already after few hours, but too much dessert is not a good idea. @ysl #yslbeauty #yslopium #perfume #perfumequeen #perfumes #parfum #fragrance #scent #beauty #luxury #style #lifestyle

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