Gucci Bamboo

@gucci Bamboo: I have to admit that I don’t know how bamboo smells like and I don’t think that Gucci wanted to create something that resembles a bamboo to be honest. I believe the fragrance is named after an already existing collection of Gucci accessories. What they poured in a fancy looking bottle and closed with a bamboo shaped cap is an interesting mix of bergamot, Casablanca lily, ylang ylang & sandalwood notes. There are many changes in the 6 hour “life” of this perfume. It keeps you entertained until the end. No matter the changes, the overall theme of the perfume for me is confidence; boosting or projecting it. I’m wearing Bamboo only during the day, mostly when I need a break from big fruity florals. @gucci #perfume #perfumes #perfumequeen #fragrance #sotd #scent #guccibamboo #perfumelover #luxury #beauty #gucci

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