• Beautifully You showed)You are right, this palette is more suitable for zelenoglazka and brown-eyed. Very dressy Maci happened)
  • Thank you for the nice words and for the first comment!:)Yes, make can be different! I showed my favorite options!
  • Unreal beautiful shadow! Want
  • Yeah, when I saw them I thought so too, but when I tried them there's no doubt that I want them!:)Buy you will not regret it, better of colors for fall and winter will not have!:)
  • Very beautiful palette! At Clarens always, in my opinion, wonderful colors of the shadows! Very feminine and sophisticated!
  • You are right!:) I've been wanting a palette Clarens, and my choice fell on the autumn collection!:)What unspeakably happy!
  • Great! And Smokey, you can draw, and every day to work. Very much to like Clarens shadows, one of the few that live on my century before lunch. Everyone was wondering what brand and where "my" shades to purchase, and the answer was so close))) Thank you for reminding me about them.
  • Glad if was helpful! The palette is really good!:)
  • Alena, a beautiful palette and the colors are perfect for autumn
  • Thank you:))))It's very autumnal!:) I think before the summer is she just not live, I will do:))))Because with its appearance, I no longer hunt to paint something else!:)
  • Gorgeous autumn palette, comes to your eyes. Make-up was very successful)
  • Thank you, nice like that!:))) So not a waste!
  • Beautiful eyes, beautiful shadows
  • Thank you:) embarrassing!
  • Yes, the palette worthwhile. I also was considering. Stopped only that I have a lot of shadows, and I use them rarely. BUT I must admit, I like!
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