• So beautifully showed her what I wanted and myself the same! Especially because I have never (!) wasn't lipstick from Givenchy , why that, too, was afraid of dryness. Anyway, thanks for the tip
  • Please, glad that was useful!
  • What tender!
  • What a beautiful shade, I was expecting quite a different color, to be honest. On the lips and stick for completely different looks!Very nice it looks really delicate Nude.
  • Thank you, girls!
  • I have realized that on your lips all the lipsticks look amazing!
  • Alas, Xenia, not all. Just try to take those colors that are guaranteed for me, and the rest depends on TX of the lipstick.
  • There are lipsticks that have been sitting on your beautiful lips much better!
  • Maybe, but what you it is not pleased? In my opinion, he is not capricious is the Nude (not a putty color and went well).
  • I also did not like how it sits on the lips, but the color is beautiful, will definitely make satest in boutiques)
  • But then why do satest if you don't like the way the lipstick is on the lips?
  • the color is beautiful, and lips are all different (no offense, your I didn't like the village)
  • eh... she crawled into the folds of the lips, unlike the Barbary or Guerlain Bianca)
  • Not see, though kill. Note that this macro, the life is certainly not as creamy as Guerlain, but with a Burberry identical. Believe me.
  • And I wanted her!
  • Yes, a good lipstick. Confirmed by experiments on himself.
  • Thank you!
  • great Nude, I love these shades!
  • Thank You, Julia! I was a little hesitant when buying but potestis texture, I decided to take and was satisfied.
  • Nice, but you had instances better)
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