Matte beauty is from NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 20 Copenhagen Lipstick - review

Hello! Today I want to share with you my latest discovery in the field of fondant in the industry. I read a lot about it, saw a lot swatches on the Internet... but I bought only the corner when NYX came to us in the city and I was able to see everything with your own eyes and touch their hands. So naturally, the first but not the last it was purchased this is a legendary matte lipstick SMLC #20 Copenhagen...
If you are interested or maybe it so happens that you are not familiar with this product, please go with me on a cat, it will not be boring...

So one day walking on the already well-known shopping centre, I suddenly saw that there's a new corner, there's something actively laid out... coming closer, it became clear that this is NYX. Then my heart began to beat faster because I knew exactly what I want to buy first so resolutely stalked to the consultant asking about the availability of my matte beauty Copenhagen. I was told that it is, and I quickly bought and took home quite pleased with themselves. Will show you a couple more photos...
The lipstick turned out well, very nice to photograph. Therefore, in the post a lot of photos, but it will be strictly business. In these photos it is evident that the neck of a lipstick gets dirty quite active, it's probably a minus. The brush is comfortable is a plus. It picks up sufficient product that a good cover lipstick in one dense layer.
The lipstick itself is thick, creamy and applied incredibly nice, and the smell this is a great plus... it smells of vanilla and candy. But after applying the smell disappears. It is time to move on to the visual part of my post.
And of course on the lips, the lipstick looks like. All photos were taken in daylight.
I think that should just show you how lipstick lies in a single layer...
It is seen that the color is rich and dense. I find it difficult to determine the color, it's something berry... and very attractive. In the tube it seems almost inky, but the reality is wine color with a purple undertone.I just love this color, I think that if you try it you too will have a lot of emotions! Lipstick is applied as a thin layer, and can achieve the most dense and dark of hue from the second layer... And I think that this lipstick gives volume to the lips and it can easily napustiti the lip to the desired size
About applying again. I personally at times just turns out different. Sometimes it goes perfectly, at least 2 at least 3 coats... sometimes I see plesivica in the coating. Don't know what it depends on, but it's a fact. I read online that many have this problem and how to solve it no one knows. But I do know that this lipstick I was just bewitched... it is very comfortable. She gently lies on the lips, lips may dry, but only slightly. Is fine about 3-4 hours, then cover me begins to crack and the lipstick is coming off at the junction of the lips. There are 2 options, either just to finish painting or to remove lipstick and apply again. Coffee lipstick will survive a light snack too... the marks on the container leaves. To wear or not to wear, that is the question... that it's only you.
And of course the lipstick in the way... I think that suits me

Not to say that I use this lipstick every day, and I would like. Can't bring myself to wear such shades more often though madly in love them. I feel comfortable in this color and lipstick in General left a very good impression. I want to buy a couple from this series, and of course Transylvania want. Maybe I'll make friends

Price:590 roubles

That's all, thank you for coming into my...
Me on "you"... always have your I-Alenka...

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  • You very much! And anyway your makeup very much
  • Thank you very much! Very pleased that you liked it!
  • Definitely going!))
  • Thank you! glad I'm not one think so
  • The color you are definitely coming. But the way lipstick looks on my lips, it looks not very good, besides the impression of dry lips.
  • I think that you should look for a shade more obedient lipsticks... suddenly I find. And this, let it be for a collection so to speak.
  • 100%, wanted you the same advise, but I think you yourself know better) Analogue are, the more you get in this color very well.
  • Thanks, will look mean! But this color every day of course it is necessary to get used
  • really is :) I wonder, however, what determines the application. maybe from the temperature in the room?
  • This is the main mystery. Maybe the temperature... and maybe the mood
  • Photo lepestkami roses very much! Sorry, the lip looks not so good
  • Thank you, I wanted her with these roses show. Waiting until wither so to speak :) the Lipstick of course a little disappointed about the experience as a whole pleasant enough.
  • Very beautiful post!The way the lipstick looks great. And as for the fact that on the lips getting up to mischief — I think we can beat, as the color allows. Especially now, in a fashion easy carelessness.
  • I was thinking maybe tint fingers to drive... it is necessary to try, suddenly it turns out.
  • Oh, how wonderful ) I'm always drawn to other such shades of wine, but can not imagine and resolved :-( Although my perfect red lipstick found and painted her with pleasure) I Think we need to take a chance and try this Copenhagen
  • I think it's worth a try. In any case, nothing to lose!
  • Beautiful... Love these shades, but did not dare to buy, very few people praise the quality of this shade... Very glad that you utratili)
  • I love these shades though, and I wear them as often as I would like. Can't say keratitis... But you can wear. Come on you?
  • Great color for fall) Maybe I can do something with it... of Course I'm "for")
  • How many times went around to about this lipstick, but not solved and probably will not be solved. But the colour is gorgeous and suits You perfectly! The only thing is, the price of this makeup in the corners in the shopping center is too high, more than 50% than in one fairly well-known chain stores, but if you still have a discount card, then you can buy it twice cheaper)
  • We have the Knicks only in the corner for sale. But where to buy no. Thanks for reading. I think you should decide on the lipstick.
  • God, I love this lipstick! I love these colors. When I first saw the post about it, I tracked down several weeks, with difficulty found, I bought... But that's just me she goes with bald spots, sloppy somehow, and nothing can't fix it... stays in my purse while I enjoy a photo of the posts about it

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