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After moving to Poland I discovered a lot of new and interesting brands. There are expensive cosmetics, and very cheap, and effective, and not. And there is a brand where I love literally every medium Organique. Mark does not use in their formulations harmful or objectionable components, all the most natural and safe. Also can not ignore the packaging – carved iron lid is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the contents of the jars themselves. And today I want to tell you about the products for the face and body, which opened this fall.

Organique Spicy Sugar Body Peeling Exfoliating & Smoothing Regu-Age Ginger-Cinnamon

And it's just inexcusable amazing! Already at the first opening I realized that is missing. The scrub smells mind-blowing beautifully with ginger and cinnamon, but the flavor of how complex and deep that I literally was drowning. He and sour, and fresh and spicy, and sweet, and generally so cool that I would have bathed in it. In fact, almost what I'm doing, using the scrub all over the body.

It is based on natural oils with a small amount of emulsifier, which allows you to wash off the excess. In this way the skin gets exactly as much power as you need, it remains sticky or oily, although the presence of oil there. Little main ingredient is sugar, which melts from the heat and water, thus giving the desired cleansing and exfoliation. The skin after such treat very smooth and even, and even smells!

In General, I long time have not experienced such a delight from makeup and if you love sugar scrubs oils, then you definitely need to try.

Indicative price: 55 PLN (960 rubles)/200ml
Testing period: 3 months.
Rating: 5+

Organique Shea Butter Body Balm Magnolia

Another means flavored butter body balm with Magnolia. And this is a solid oil that melts from the heat of the hands, there is a very thin layer of skin, nourishing and making it more elastic. It is possible not only to complete the bathing ritual, applying it on damp skin, but also to do massage, and use instead of cream for the hands or feet.

I rarely have problems with dry skin, but with the advent of cold weather the skin of the hands begged leave, and balm came in very handy. And I like it so much because of the smell, which is also driving me crazy, though not as much as the scrub. It is very rich and expressive smells of blooming Magnolia that I adore. Maybe someone flavor seem too strong, but I like it.

Indicative price: 35 PLN (610 rubles)/100ml
Testing period: 3 months.
Rating: 5

Organique Green & White Tea Immuno-Serum

In the fall, as you know, the skin is very much affected by changes in the external environment – cold and damp in the room – warm and dry. She begins to lose moisture, becomes dry and dull, and in General appearance is not pleasing (I'm not talking about those unfortunates who have dry skin initially, because there are more serious peeling of overlap). In short, without the aid of special tools is not enough. And immuno-whey is exactly what you need in this situation.

It is composed of extracts from green and white tea, algae and panthenol, which help the skin to retain moisture, improve circulation, maintain youthful and fresh appearance.

Packaging the serum with a sealed pump dispenser which is very convenient since it does not get bacteria and air, and the design allows you to use the means to the end. The gel really reminded me of his consistency serum Nea Spa, though it works differently. This is a transparent thick gel green color with a very pleasant aroma (strongly resembles a lightweight version of Green Tea Yves Rocher), spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly without leaving residue or film. On top you can safely apply basic care, but I prefer to enable the serum to work independently (and the smell did not want to interrupt, to be honest).

The serum not only moisturizes the skin nice, but also really helps to remove signs of fatigue and fight the mediocrity and dullness of the skin. And this product is very pleasant to use, so I often use it just to pamper yourself.

Estimated price: 39,90 PLN (700rub)/100ml
Testing period: 3 months.
Rating: 5

Organique Pumpkin Line Ultra Hydrating Cream

Ultra-moisturizing cream is one of his packaging speaks to seasonality, as its main active ingredient – the extract of a pumpkin. My skin is oily, as you all know, but with the beginning of the heating season, even she starts to become more dry and require moisture. And this cream is exactly what you need in this situation.

He has a wonderful composition, very light scent, the texture that is perfectly absorbed, moisturizes the skin for long hours. And this, mind you, not by ghostly "moisture" through the oil film from the mineral oil, namely through well-chosen composition.

Cream evenly, does not clog pores and is perfect for facial and body. Again, very convenient packaging that allows you not to worry about the quality of the product inside. I think this cream will be good for those with more dry skin, not only in autumn but throughout the year. Very good product, strongly recommend to look at.

Indicative price: 85 PLN (1480 rubles)/50ml
Testing period: 3 months.
Rating: 5

In short, this is the rare case when and beautiful, and safely and effectively. And you are familiar with the brand? What means tried?

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  • I love to read about this brand! I wonder if they have something, what's not to like?) Thank you for telling.
  • Don't know, I haven't met. I was at their shop not you come, so always something to buy — if not for myself, then for gifts.
  • Ah, after reading your review, bought it with green tea. serum not turn the language to call this tool. didn't think it was anything useful, but because of the flavoring in the composition it is very irritating to sensitive skin :(

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