NYC is an uplifting

Let me describe New York City like I would describe a perfume: NYC is an uplifting, loud, diverse and trendy fragrance. It is in a league of its own because is masterfully blended of the best ingredients from all over the world. The most important ingredient are people; locals and tourists. Every possible culture is presented in NYC. It is a special feeling to hear so many different languages on the streets, to be able to try food from all corners of the world or just sit and watch people express themselves through a unique sense of style and fashion. Visionary and hard working people have created the following ingredients that make this fragrance pop: skyscrapers, every imaginable store and business, bars and restaurants, museums, entertainment from stand up comedy to Opera. Other “non-synthetic” ingredients are: water that surrounds NYC and makes Manhattan an island; and the green, refreshing ingredient that calms people and balances out all the noise that comes from the busy life: I’m talking about Central Park of course. It is one of the most important and inspiring fragrances in my collection, that’s why I make sure to get a refill as often as I can. #perfume #newyork #nyc #fragrance #girlpower #love #travel #girlboss #photography #beauty #topoftheworld #parfum #maccosmetics #style #fashion #usa #perfumequeen

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