Until you try Izia by Sisley

Roses: so beautiful, romantic, poetic, elegant, classic, feminine; but not really modern and fresh. Until you try Izia by @sisley Sisley has pushed the boundaries with this fragrance. It is highly sophisticated but still so natural smelling with nothing synthetic. Rose is the main star and brings the happy, uplifting and youthful spirit. It is surrounded by floral notes, spices and bergamot that make this fragrance crisp and cool for hot days while still smelling feminine. One of the best “multifunctional” perfumes that I own. It is very likable and easy to wear. The gorgeous bottle design and a longevity of 6 hours are other attributes of why I’m a big fan of this citrus rose scent. Ladies, expect many compliments when wearing Izia; compliments from guys who appreciate your lady side and compliments from other females asking you to share your secret scent with them. #izia #sisleyparis #mysisleyparis #sisleyparisusa #perfume #perfumequeen #fragance #rose #love #beautiful #scent #style #fashion #sunset #florida #photography

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