Volutes EDP by Diptyque

Now picture this setting; you’ve just arrived in a luxury hotel after a long day of work, it is raining outside and you’re meeting with a group of old friends. While waiting for them you decide to order a glass of scotch and a cigar. @diptyque This is what Volutes reminds me of even though I am not smoking cigars or drinking scotch, but that’s the power of perfumes and therefore imagination. Volutes is serious, but never boring. It is exciting and beautifully crafted. This is a fragrance you wear when you want to feel warm, comforting and cozy. That feeling is provided by tobacco (hint of cherry), honey and spicy iris (nothing floral in this one). It is offering so much depth and richness. Yes, you could say it smells like cough syrup but in a good way. I love that is earthy and sweet. There is no substitution for this one, you have to try it. Longevity and sillage is brutal, this lasts for ages (over 12h without problem). It is quite masculine, that’s why I have to pick the setting carefully, but when wearing it, you can’t get enough, same as you can’t stop discussing “the good old times” with your friends. #diptyque #perfume #perfumequeen #fragrance #beauty #fashion #love #style #luxury #parfum #beautiful #photography #girlboss #productphotography #interiordesign #cosmetics #makeup #design

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