Moscow Mule by Juliette has a gun

My vision and mission is to have a perfume for every occasion, every location, every mood, every time of the day, every time of the year... Characterizing a perfume is not always easy, but in the case of Moscow Mule by @juliettehasagun I had no problem of deciding where and when to wear it. With the warm weather approaching all over the world; finding shade, refreshments, relaxation or a pool party is becoming a priority. Moscow Mule perfume got its name from the Moscow Mule cocktail. They share the same name because of the same ingredients and not because there is anything booze smelling in this fragrance, which I’m glad is the case. What you can smell are the very fresh notes of ginger, lime, bergamot, amber and norlimbanol (#wearefirmenich) served in a fancy white bottle with copper details to emulate the copper mugs in which the cocktail is often served in. #signoricci did a great job with Moscow Mule; while keeping the ingredients simple and classic, he managed to give them an interesting twist and created a unique smell with a longevity of over 4 hours. While you should go easy with the Moscow Mule cocktail, don’t be afraid to order another round of Moscow Mule perfume to help you to go through the hot summer days. Cheers to you all. #juliettehasagun #perfume #parfum #fragrance #scent #perfumequeen #design #summer #style #poolparty #florida #luxury #design

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