Tiffany & Co by Tiffany perfume smells the way its bottle looks: effortlessly classy, clean, light, soft, bright, simple.

You could call it an everyday women fragrance that works the best in the daytime, office type environment. Since there is nothing offensive in this perfume, it is a great gift (good job @tiffany). This delicate and comforting scent is not boring. From the top notes you can smell mandarin orange, in the middle is mostly peach and a wonderful smelling iris, and in the base is musk, plus a hint of patchouli. What you can’t do is smell any of this for a long time or from far away, longevity and sillage is limited. The crystal looking bottle with the signature Tiffany blue ribbon is very reasonably priced and filled with quality ingredients which makes it a safe buy (if there is such thing in the perfume world). #allyouneed #tiffany #tiffanyandco #tiffanyfragrance #perfume #perfumequeen #fragrance #parfum #luxury #style #design #beauty

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