Beijing is an oriental floral fragrance

Let me describe Beijing like I would describe a perfume: Beijing is an oriental floral fragrance that opens unusually, almost shocks you but then transforms into a rich quality perfume that you will remember forever. Beijing should be part of everyone’s collection. Top notes or first impression: Very different from anything else. It’s far away, unknown language/culture/food and time zone make it tough to relate to at the beginning. It’s crowded and a bit overwhelming. Middle notes that appear after a day or two, once you settle in and get into a daily routine: You discover the beautiful traditions, quality in lifestyle and rich looks/surroundings. You notice the musky air and exotic fruits and flowers, especially the green tea. The city has evolved a lot from the first impression and now you want to explore more and blend in. Locals are prideful, friendly and hardworking. Base notes are memories that you will remember and take with you from your time in Beijing: It’s long lasting on my skin, as it’s such a rich, unique, historical, powerful and evolving place. A great mix of tradition and modernism and I have to mention the unforgettable Peking Duck. #china #beijing #perfume #perfumequeen #beauty #fashion #travel #explore #global #weekend

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