Francis Kurkdjian

Perfumery is an art, which makes Francis Kurkdjian an artist and Baccarat Rouge 540 his masterpiece. It is amazing that by blending ingredients such as saffron, jasmin, amber wood and ambergris you can create such a luxury, sensual and sophisticated fragrance. Baccarat to me smells like burnt or caramelized sugar (elegantly sweet and woody). It is a rich, buttery, syrupy smell that is subtle on the skin. It makes you feel warm and sensual. Keep in mind not to spray it too much. This is like wearing gold jewelry; you have to determine when its enough otherwise you will look/smell ridiculous. Phenomenal longevity of over 12 hours and it is wonderful from beginning until the end. Sillage is discreet, but whoever notices it, expect compliments. Everyone deserves to feel royal once in a while and there is no better regal perfume to put you in that mood. #perfume #parfum #fragrance #perfumequeen #luxury #maisonfranciskurkdjian #franciskurkdjian #style #fragrancewardrobe #parfum #mfk

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