Spring Flower by Creedboutique

As they say at Creedboutique: “From father to son”, well, thank you boys for creating Spring Flower. First for Audrey Hepburn, and since 1996 for all of us who like classy fragrances. Every perfume stands out with something, good or bad; and this one stands out with its elegance and freshness. It smells very realistic. Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is annoying; it smells like real flowers, spring flowers to be precise. I would call it a grown up floral fragrance. I’m not saying there is something particular what a younger audience wouldn’t like, but this is more of a light scent for those who appreciate its purity. High quality jasmine, apple, peach, rose and ambergris smell very feminine. Earthy notes transform this fragrance into a bouquet of flowers. Creeds have good longevity on me and this one is no different with over 5 hours. #creed #perfumequeen #houseofcreed #creedboutique #springflower #perfume #parfum #fragrance #flowers #sarasota #florida

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