Arancia di Capri by Acquadiparma

I don’t know a fragrance that feels fresher than Arancia di Capri by @acquadiparma. It is like squeezing an orange on your skin. It has a comforting and calming effect, which is exactly what you need in heat or just to relax while still smelling nice. It is a smell of bitter orange with a hint of lemon and bergamot. I’ve heard there are caramel and musk in the base, but I’m still to witness that. For me, it smells the same from start to finish, which is not an issue because it is tough to get tired of this rich citrus scent. One of the must casual fragrances in my collection. Just like with the majority of other citrusy fragrances, sillage and longevity is poor. Arancia di Capri will stay on the same amount of time it takes you to peal an orange. If you are looking for a natural, uplifting and easy going scent, give this one a squeeze. #acquadiparma #blumediterraneo #perfumequeen #perfume #fragrance #parfum #summer #sarasota #florida

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