What to write about a perfume that almost everyone is familiar with.

The only new thing I can say about it is my own opinion; and I love it. I don’t specifically love No. 5 because of its animalic, citrus powdery, civet or aldehyde smell. I don’t even love it because of its famously good composition; I love it because of its significance for the beauty and fashion industry. @chanel I get more excitement wearing it because of its story than the actual smell of the fragrance. I love the fact that Coco herself designed the bottle, I love her personal and business story, her vision, passion, drive; this is what this perfume represents for me and just by smelling it, all those feelings are triggered. Find out what this fragrance means to you and say your opinion out loud, it would make Coco proud. #chanelno5 #cocochanel #chanelperfume #perfume #perfumes #perfumequeen #luxury #beauty #fragrance #scent #fashion @chanel.beauty @chanelofficial

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