Roses de Chloé.

I remember buying my first @chloe Roses on the day I started college. I guess it was a statement that I’m all serious and grownup. This perfume is modern and classy at the same time. I don’t see this fragrance ever going out of fashion; it would be a sin. Nowadays with many fragrances in my collection, I’m choosing to wear Roses only around those very close to me. If I had to describe it in 5 words it would be: graceful, elegant, romantic, soft, roses. The Rose in this perfume doesn’t smell generic, it smells like an actual rose just cut from the garden. Bergamot can be noticed in the beginning as well. Because of its quiet nature, you can easily forget that you’re wearing it, until it surprises you and reminds you why this perfume is so beloved by every generation of women (and men). @chloe #perfume #perfumequeen #fragrance #parfüm #rosesdechloe #scent #scentoftheday #chloeperfume #rose #beauty #luxury #luxuryperfume #eaudeparfum #perfumelover #perfumes

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