The first perfume I’m sharing from my Hermès collection is Eau Des Merveilles Bleue by @hermes

For the past 4 years I’ve been living on the sea side: St. Pete - Barcelona - Sarasota. Growing up in Munich, Germany I remember waiting impatiently for the summer, so I can finally visit Croatia and its beautiful Adriatic sea. I’m naturally drawn to the water and grateful to live so close to the marvelous beaches like the one on these pictures. To enhance my beach walks and make the atmosphere even “saltier”, I often wear EDMB. @hermes It smells just like the ocean because of its fresh marine notes. There’s a hint of wood and a touch of patchouli as well. I feel this is a very casual - transparent scent and easy on the nose. If you get tired of the typical summer perfumes filled with citrusy notes, give EDMB a try. #hermes #parfume #perfume #fragrance #scentoftheday #parfüm #perfumequeen #perfumelover #beach #nature #hermesperfume #perfumes #beauty #luxury #lifestyle

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