Madre Labs Mild By Nature for baby shampoo & body wash - if you're sick and just want clean and fresh hair) - review

Readers cosmeticly is hardly anything to surprise, so my first post will be simple) it's a little story about how I found the perfect shampoo for yourself where its not wanted)

I am constantly in search of means on care of hair, and often buy, and many, mostly some bestsellers, to make sure my Hair is bleached, damaged, long and thick. I often buy shampoo and conditioner in tandem, apparently, marketing does its job, but as wonderful was my new purchase, the hair and scalp periodically get tired and need something new. Formulations of shampoos, conditioners and other things with a magnifying glass I do not study, and the impact of the funds is determined by the condition of the hair and scalp.

As for the choice of a shampoo for a child, then there is, of course, all exactly the opposite — I'm looking for tools without harsh ingredients, the most natural, hypoallergenic, with minimal scent. From these considerations I had in mind when ordering this winter Madre Labs Mild By Nature for baby Tear-Free shampoo & body wash.)) For those who say the trains more than me, here is the composition:
(photo from manufacturer's website) I saw a lot of herbs, natural fragrances, acids etc.

Every time when bathing the baby, I was happy unobtrusive smell, good wash-out, and the fact that the child is not crying. About the hair after washing — I think that the "real" baby hair looks good after all of baby shampoo, but hard hair son make it smoother,)) no irritation, No Allergy was not.

As I said above, my hair is tired of treatments every two to three months, once again they become boring Chi Keratin shampoo, and Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine. First parencymal hair in the degree of moisture (for bleached hair is odd) and they are difficult to comb, and the second just something I missed... plus both are not able to wash "squeak", and given that I wash my hair no more often than every 4-5 days, sometimes a desire to wash my hair again. And here one fine spring morning I decided to try the same Madre Labs Mild By Nature for baby Tear-Free shampoo & body wash. And here's what I found:

first, excellent foaming shampoo not only on the short baby hair, but long and thick, the foam holds, if you want to leave shampoo on hair for 2-3 minutes (I often do); the ordinary consumption, though the consistency is slightly more watery compared to the usual shampoo, color translucent-pearlescent;

second, the shampoo may clean-clean to wash hair and clean the scalp not to dry them, but on the contrary, hydrate and soothe)

thirdly, how much shampoo did not get into the eyes, tears he does not cause for me it doesn't matter, but for the small glad again;

fourth, after remain fresh for a long time;

fifth, I conducted an experiment — if you do not use a conditioner, the hair is still too shiny, I'm without air conditioning can not, but if the hair is not painted, it is possible to do)

By and large, that's all I want from a shampoo) some of the miraculous effects of the shampoo I do not expect, by definition, and you can buy for little money by almost 400 ml of cool shampoo that washes well, cleans hair and scalp, gives a feeling of freshness, and which now I even think that the skin "breathes" better — it's great! Besides, it's safe shampoo for kids from birth!
The price is about 500 rubles
Rating is 5 (for all properties at once)
Term of use — more than 2 months

Of course, I would be lying saying that my search for a good shampoo over, but this will repeat for sure) photos of hair make sense I do not see their appearance is not the result of using the same shampoo...
Thank you for your patience, you can call me Maxim)

  • It is good that You came. I once dabbled in children's shampoos and almost ruined my hair. In my case, baby shampoo only for children )
  • I do!) You know, Johnson, Yes, because — I no went never) but this is good)
  • I wanted to order, and it is withdrawn from sale! For some reason cease to produce really good products.
  • Yes(( now gone website, and it is not(( I have a talent for falling in love with the funds that are phased out... I have to try to book the one that a replacement is suddenly too good) thanks for reading!

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