Elizavecca Mask. Which is better? - review

Hello, dear readers)

Who has not heard about the magic properties of all their favorite pig? I think the posts and reviews about the miracle serum exactly circled all social.network, but today it's not about that.

In fact, my other huge passion is mask: tissue, hydrogel, cream, gel, mask film, clay, alginate. I have a lot of them and each day the test is another rookie. Of course, there are the most favorite, followed by new already not falling look. I are monogamous, what can you do.

At the moment the brand Elisavecca I have only good experiences. I also tried the famous serum, which also does not leave me indifferent, and has become the must-haves. But then on the horizon appeared the mask: the bubble, which is also a leader in the good reviews online and collagen. The result can be seen under the cut)

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Della Pack и Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.

The design is the same, the only difference in the color of the packaging itself and the banks, formulations, application, etc. I am always pleased with the boxes, I love them. And so on which is well to understand the composition, properties and method of application. A sticker with the code and indicating that it is 100% original. Inside the box — mieseste: funny faces with the ears and the sunglasses. In each box of the Bank of horoshego plastic, Packed in individual film nadrezkoj which implies that the product will reach safely. Under the hood, which also is twisted securely, there is a membrane and a spatula for applying the (very small and uncomfortable, I put my brush for masks). The membrane adheres so well that there is chance to spoil the manicure. Indeed, in order to open it, you need to take a knife and carefully pry the joint between the jar and the membrane is not very convenient.

The sticker with the code. Those little faces)

Elisavecca Green Piggy Collagen Pack Della.

Start with collagen. Judging by the reviews on the site, very suitable for young girls with skin with no apparent problems. Mask like hardened jelly. Color: translucent cream. Has a pungent, not very pleasant scent with obvious notes of alcohol. After application, evaporates in a couple minutes. When applying the "jelly" bit is heated, turns into a fluid gel and can be easily stretched over the skin. The manufacturer recommends us to apply the mask and make a light massage of the face until partially absorbed. Also read about recommendations to apply this remedy at night, but probably would not advise doing this, because after applying face becomes sticky and has a chance to stick to the pillow and ruin your bed linen. Separately indicated on the package the recommendation not to store the drug in a refrigerator, despite the texture (without looking, I'd put the jar in the fridge).

After full absorption, it is recommended to stretch remains in the face. After that, wash with cool water. The skin is a little saturated, very smooth and velvety. A little shrink pores, complexion is visibly lighter and better, well leave flaking and swelling. Use 2-3 times a week. Hold from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Separately some reports say that a lot of parabens, pore-clogging but my skin this is not happening.

Состав: Hydrolyzed Ccollagen, Water, Dipropylene glycol, PEG-240/HDI Copolymer Bis-Decyltetradeceth-20 Ether, Glycerin. Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Macadamia ternifolia secret seed oil, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin, In Cacao (Cocoa) Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Polyglutamic acid, a kind of bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract, Propylparaben, Adenosinem Disodium EDTA, Perfume.

Period of use: 3 months, more than 14 times;

Price: 800₽;

Rating: 4- (good effect, but not the most pleasant perfume and makeup).

Elisavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.

Many refer to this mask as entertainment — personally, my feelings are 50/50. I like a man who is not perfect makeup without clean skin, do not bypass the party such products. The texture of the mask is thick gel with a hint of clay. The color is dark gray. Clay smell, with sharp notes, but unlike the collagen mask leaves in alcohol. Passes quickly after application. Stretched across the face easily. During the first minutes starts a little pinch and begins to bubble and secutity the skin.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply this mask all over the face, avoiding the eye area, keep 3-5 minutes and then do a light facial massage with fingers moistened with water. I keep 10-15 minutes before a very plentiful air of the gray foam and wash off with cool water. Use 2 times a week.

The effect is excellent: brightens, refreshes, pores are cleared and tightened, the skin becomes elastic, smooth and matte, a bit cold. There is no feeling of tightness and dryness after other clay masks. A great mask that you want to repeat and the serum, so join those who happy with it.

Состав: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Kaolin, Acrylates Copolymer, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauramide DEA, TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate. Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Bentonite, Collagen, Charcoal Powder, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Carbonated Water, Xantahn Gum, Disodium EDTA, Allantoin, Butylene Glycol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Monarda Didyma Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Freesia Refracta Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract.

Unlike the first mask see more plant extracts and oils (e.g. peppermint extract, which caused a chill after rinsing, etc.).

Period of use: 3 months, more than 14 times;

Price: 800₽;

Rating: 5.

And what products Elizavecca like you? Tell me)

  • Моя любовь Elizavecca Milky Piggy Centella Asiatica Extract 100%
  • The second mask did not try, but first I was not impressed. I her mother gave)))
  • A pronounced moisturizing effect no, I agree. To repeat I would say it definitely did not)
  • Was the collagen mask, the first time I came across a tool Korean cosmetic, which didn't do anything, that's not even moistened. I for the night left the same . After this mask a desire to take something that hasn't happened yet. Although here above, Centella praise, maybe I'll try that first serum sulwasoo I went.
  • Agree, there are masks better and for less money. I was irritated by her scent. It's difficult to forget)
  • There was a second, foaming, barely finished, hand it is not stretched:( it was hard to distribute on the skin and difficult to wash off, remained slippery film, sensitive skin irritated, then went red, and the effect of purification is zero. I watched the video as do Asians, they wash away her makeup, that is directly on the makeup is applied, keep before the formation of fluffy foam, then hands the foam is removed from the face and with a wet sponge and wash the remains of gonyak. And even then you need the sink to wash :(
  • I always do when you lie in the bath and before a shower on a clean face. Everything washed well, strange... I also have sensitive skin, but no spots. Maybe some components you do not fit. And shell sorry)
  • Try s:um 37 bubble award seems similar to the bubble mask, if we take the samples, not much more will come. I even repeated a few times because the person after her like an egg — white, smooth and without pores) well, personally, I was so.
  • Had oil hydrophilic — horror.Recently bought a Milky Piggy Centella Asiatica Extract 100% — until I realized only 2 days use.And what of the miracle?
  • Generally afraid of hydrophilic oils still. All are hesitant to try.Serum with the pink label) not remember the name) makeup very well placed.
  • I've been on a hydrophilic oils, but specifically from this brand do not come. I think because it based on olive oil, I prefer mineral, oddly enough.
  • It is necessary to try, and whispers)
  • And what kind of oil have you had? And then I would have of this brand gidrofilny to take. The packaging is yellow. Now I doubt
  • Here it is:kosmetista.ru/blog/uhodovaya-kosmetika/90757.html
  • Have Elisavecca good serum with hyaluronic acid. Cool nourishes and moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles. Do they have a lot of serums, they are all good. But to rest my soul does not lie. Bought their steam cream last year for the winter. Like first liked, and now that big Bank is idle, don't know how to finish. Too dense, not like me. Like in the winter can protect the skin from the cold. But what's in it for me. Probably due to the fact that it can slide while applying makeup and creates a feeling of mask.
  • Yes, she is perfect, take it and love to apply before makeup!Another praised the cream eyeshadow, but this risk does not want. On the steam cream too, watched, but did not dare, and probably for good reason)
  • My first collagen mask, something well, absolutely nothing, in my opinion, even the pores have scored... maybe it is for dry skin? I have combined...
  • I have dry and sensitive. Clear moisture really does not, but I scored the pores. The truth of a controversial product. Cosmetic effect for me good, just smooth matte leather)
  • The first thing you surveyed, ordered, plan to use the serum, see what effect it has))
  • Tell us about the result)
  • Try 5-10 times to do to see the results (or lack thereof) and tell what happens)
  • The first mask was zero effect, wanted to throw, but the toad said, "Finish!"))
  • The same story)
  • And what is their miracle? Just for me, so they have a serum failed, if only alginate
  • Elisavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid 97% In the pink box) it is a bestseller in almost all the online stores)Under alginate've never tried it, thanks for the tip!)
  • Masks of this brand have not tried it, but the Chinese have released a collagen mask in the same pack cheaper brand. Name do not write, do not consider for advertising. So here I am from the Chinese pig in love, finishing up the second package.
  • Packing here is certainly at the height I liked)
  • Both were. A very mask. But good post, I liked it.
  • Lie, I didn't have them, I tried them with a friend. The essence does not change, I did.
  • Why didn't you like? In fact, my very first impression about the collagen, and the clay was terrible. But then tasted.
  • I tried several times while I was away in another city. I was expecting a result — the skin will be cleansed, will be more soft, moisturized. But in the end every time about the same as it was before.
  • The tightness and dryness of course not, but the effect itself is also ;(Maybe I just have a skin is neproblemny, so I like the result. I think your best mask yet to come ;)
  • I want the second mask really, but the impression of it is so ambiguous, that I can not tip their scales
  • It all depends on your skin type)I have dry, slightly sensitive, but overall I came over and liked it every time you use more)
  • There are both masks) Bubble cleans my skin, without much tightens) Collagen some no: does no worse, no better. I will not repeat.
  • Tried bubble. I have, unfortunately, from her some frustration. Heavily washed and no effect(

Other user reviews

  • You are so pretty!:)
  • Thank you for the compliment! You too!
  • Thank you!
  • Bought a clear gel for eyebrows is a good thing!
  • Agree, never found the best to alternatives, and for the price)Try color, you will like it!)
  • This brow gel is just the star of not only this company but also the mass market in General! The case when do not even think about having to buy something more serious in Tone and so on. the products of art make-up, I would not buy, but to other gels I don't even look)
  • About gel agrees with you)But the tone was rather purchased on a recommendation, purely for the sake of the experiment) would not have to repeat it, I'm still in search of the perfect one for yourself)
  • Try Bobbi brown tinted moisturizer. It is, however, too little overlap (but that's all I need), but rather evens skin tone and makes it more beautiful, radiant)
  • What gorgeous eyebrows Envy!
  • Thank you Grown with love
  • The complete image. And the photo tone is seen as failed in the pores. And leather "to" looks better, but maybe not sitting down.
  • Thank you very much!)He really is in terms of shrinkage is very strange behavior, even for the basics
  • Gels for eyebrows just fire! Was brown, over, now transparent both very much. Winter used a steady tone from the Art Visage, very much. I like CC cream, evens out skin tone well, sits, not floats, good condition, not plesivec and is not oxidized in the pores falls. Try sustainable, good price))))
  • My tint the other is half used, it's definitely love Yes, everyone wanted him, but he always sold out, can't catch until now... If I do, will definitely take it, thank you
  • Peeling does not emphasize? Very tempting described
  • I have no flaking, a couple of times been at the nose, not stressed. He heleva nice thick-creamy texture, when applied, seems to lie a mask (anyway when squeezing from the tube looks heavy in texture), but on the face of it as if dissolved. If you have noticeable peeling suggest zatestit before buying.
  • Actually, he kind of blends into the skin)
  • Thank you very much. Revered more reviews and have already ordered. 201 I hope the tint isn't as dark as it seems and the smell of it is pleasant.
  • Smell good, so fresh vegetable, disappears after application in just a few minutes) hope you like it!)
  • Oh, thank you. So definitely need to test. You're talking about sustained write?
  • I write about moisturizing, but all my friends are hooked makeup artists at sustainable, it is better, but I can't catch him in the corner. As will appear, all sold out(Take sustainable, and better study the composition and feel, better potestate on my face right in the store)
  • I steady ordered in an Internet shop just for reviews. Since the price allows. Thanks for the tip
  • Hope you like it) I can also still get his presence in the coroner ever
  • The one who searches will always find good luck to you!
  • I have quite dry skin and I always suffer this problem, surprisingly all smoothed out with him, he's done
  • Thank you very much. Now found yourself peeling bedroll budget from Bility and use in the morning. Now the problem of peeling not so acute in front of me. And Yes, my skin is combination and prone to dryness and dehydrated. I understand you
  • And I scrub it's skin, is also getting pretty good!) peeling the bedroll've never had, you have to wonder :)
  • Scrub, I canceled all. I have The Saem peeling hard once a week and every morning nikatina from Bility. Secrets of Asia for 52 rubles by the way
  • Will have to see with this category, but then I'm old school...
  • Try. They are very soft and give a much better effect, but still the skin does not irritate
  • I have a lot of blackheads, not emphasizes them. Minus a little range of shades
  • Thank you very much for the reply. Already waiting for my order from THEM
  • transparent gel for eyebrows love dearly! now on the way no place to buy, enjoy, she did almost the same, but the art-visage still favorite)
  • I just got too beautiful and natural tint, never even opened, but we must begin.)I hope that will like it too :)
  • what you have eyebrows I have peredumala the corner and now hair in the wrong place grow((I have a tendency to fat and tone too much
  • Thank you Try castor oil and get a hard brush for eyebrows, for me it helped to smooth out the "triangular eyebrows" in natural soft arc, although I painted and also did not grow(
  • castor oil is evil , it is comedogenic, tried, killed skin, then treated for a long time, now bought a medium one at the pharmacy, enjoy, soon I want to write a review
  • Sorry, to me it is very suitable in terms of sprouting hair and eyebrows Waiting for your feedback, I'm always interested in these beauty things :)
  • Pro gel will not write, just in solidarity)But the tone I have, only in a different shade. It gets dark on me( otherwise he is good, for easy alignment tone fits well.
  • I agree, it oxidized on the skin. But I'm dark at the moment, so like all converges. In the winter it would have been over even in the lightest shade
  • You - beautiful! I would not even apply to such a lovely skin tone)
  • Thank you very much, mutually I here on the contrary all consider your skin some imperfect, she does not like me for some reason(
  • Oh, I remember how not so long ago bought this brow gel in 46 rubles exactly )))
  • There was a time
  • Too much good said about these Foundation products from really praising it stable, but moisture heard good reviews. You tone much, but I do not understand how dry the skin something may glisten but still require matting napkins? That is, tone provokes the Shine?The gels Artisa love, there's even nothing to add. Eyebrow you — chic ;)
  • I think that Yes, because before such problems with the other tone was not With others I sometimes do not even pripudrivayut and there is no problem...Thank you :)
  • Recently took himself steady, not really hoping for anything, because to choose a tinted moisturizer for me this whole Saga. Every time I buy new and that are not satisfied. 5 years I use the same BB cream, I've always wanted to find at least one more. Before that trial took a sensational MAYBELLINE Fit me, which is shamelessly emphasized all the peeling and immediately flew into the bucket. And then I saw the Art-Visage steady, the color seemed light enough, took the lightest shade 201. When night tried, could not believe my eyes! Went perfect, well blocked, the finish was natural. The important thing is that my light skin color came up. In General, it was awesome to awful. Use for several weeks can't get enough of the discovery).
  • I also plan to get it the same) And Fit me I also did not like just silicone substance with a drop of pigment: nothing really overlaps, for somehow miraculously finds and highlights the shortcomings.
  • thank God I didn't buy it but my hand treacherously reached out to him for zatista and time)
  • eyebrows great! And what kind of stores sell this gel for eyebrows? Online seen, but there is shipping 300 rubles, I would like to just go somewhere and buy it.
  • Thank you! Where are you from?)Now it can be found in a cardboard box in many stores engaged in sale of professional cosmetics. Write to me in Message I will tell you exactly where to go after it ;)
  • written)just now almost all brands produce a thick sweet/wax for eyebrows, and a light toning gel, for those who have their eyebrows and need them just to lay and a little shade are hard to find.
  • Agree, no easy task) I have in the queue Vivien clogs) to do the post
  • I'll wait for a post about Vivien clogs)a strong contrast between them and the art make-up gel?
  • I heard that earlier differences. But now changed the formula and it makes your eyebrows reinforced...We'll see :)
  • Thanks for the post. Cosmetics make-up art very much. This concealer is not bought, it seemed fatty and dense. And I love every day to use their BB cream. He SPF 10 is already underway. Pretty good. In the summer it is also good to be worn. My skin is oily, it fits me well. Yeah, I think for every other it will also work. If you are interested, might like to try. And brow gel transparent also love.))))
  • Thanks for the feedback! I consultant's corner is also advised BB cream, said that it is a good demand. I will someday for sure!)
  • Wow, you have beautiful eyebrows About tone I agree with the above comments — I also thought that without it, your skin looks better (the cream is quite noticeable lay). Good that it is inexpensive — for a price you can not worry, if suddenly can not guess with purchase)))
  • Spasiiibo Yes, the point of this at all funny, you can buy all the types and try, try... But I love different brands
  • The first post you on the.!))It's been months since I use this tinted brow gel: and you know, he I nurtured, the hair where the bald spot was as long as I remember and it's cool that he has such properties. But fixing it is lame at times...
  • Thank you Yes, in terms of the care he is very good. With transparent m all the torments of sprouting after mistakes of his youth passed before the current result I have thin hairs, like holds)
  • Beautiful eyebrows.Tell me, how gel captures hairs? I sheresheva eyebrow with his cockroach Meybilin, but keeps the form exactly half an hour. Like fixing harder.
  • Thank you In my opinion good, lasts about 8 hours for sure, even going through intense training in the gym)How do you like Maybelline? All want to get to this tarakashki-fiber
  • there is a tone only sustainable, it's gorgeous! and gels also long enjoyed but never change))
  • My wishlist, feel the need to step into the online store, just so unlucky
  • Gel approx., Highlighted the beauty of the eyebrows.But the skin Nude I like more than this Foundation.
  • Thanks for your comment
  • There is a Foundation of sustainable, just super!
  • Trying to catch it in their nets :)
  • The edge is just wonderful. But I think with toning gel too much. They are so self-sufficient. Except for hedging slightly to pacify transparent.
  • Thank you I like this Tomac as with tone) many write that I look better Nude, but I'm too shy..))
  • Also buy transparent is already 5 years old probably)a good thing!
  • absolutely agree! ;)
  • Wanaume tone just does not very make-up art. But sustainable is another matter. He just would have come to your skin, I think. He doesn't have a matte finish and it is quite humid.
  • hopefully in the fall I will catch him, if it appears someone else...)
  • I have three years of use and sheer tint for about a year-they are great! Scored all of these gels are Mac and benefit, even felt sorry for them to spend money, as these budget replacement for my taste not really worse!
  • agree! my ardell which by the way is 10 times more expensive puts hairs is not so, and the eyebrows from his stone...
  • Use clear gel for a few years, always buy 2 or 3 tubes to stock if you run out.
  • last seen at the store girls, stored for a year and it is correct!)
  • sorry, not found neither in the post nor in the comments: what tint shade do (. the tautology) gel? dark brown? also a must try
  • Yes, dark brown, unfortunately they are not labeled on the bottles of color..(there are still neutral gray, with a touch of brown for blonde or lighten and soften dark brows, I also want to try :)
  • no, I just need the option for brunettes. thank you
  • Transparent gel from the Art-Visage use, is satisfied for all specifications, and do not want to change. Toning you need to take to try, because I use eyebrow pencil from Vivienne Sabo is good, but pisses me off the process — eyebrow draw with a pencil)))
  • toning is good as a daily option put eyebrows and went to work) try it!I have long abandoned pencils, sweets, shadows... this gel is a lifesaver :)
  • Thanks for the post) I Love these gels for eyebrows, I use them for a long time. But the cream does not come, it came allergic.
  • sorry(his course is pretty intense...
  • I have a transparent. and I certainly will not repeat the purchase for one simple reason — it flows from the tube and dries wrap around the neck. look permanently untidy and you have this tape daily to tear. as for his immediate properties — fixing decent.
  • Sorry I have to use all the time never had a problem with the bottle...
  • I also liked it more than AFTER. You beauty
  • Thank you very much
  • I debt time been a fan of brow gel, she did. and then I bought the art-visage. I have dark brown. I'm in love with him! it really gives a tint, fills in the eyebrow was the case, was so afraid of monobrow that too carried away with the plucking practically deprived themselves of "heads" eyebrows and now a couple of years as you grow and your eyebrows look natural and well-groomed. understand that all of these instalove and similar art not for me. no, I'm not too lazy to draw, just somehow it all looks alien or something. and with this gel directly 100% hit!
  • can't disagree with you!)thank God integralnye eyebrows sunk into oblivion, they rarely decorate in reality)
  • You have very beautiful eyes!
  • Thank you for the compliment
  • Suits You very well!
  • Thank you!
  • Also love this oil, I repeat always :)
  • Yes, it is wonderful!)what shade do you have?)
  • Exactly the same little yellow, the next want to take some berries)
  • I, too, first to see that berry shades)
  • And lips are very beautiful).
  • Thank you
  • What a wonderful thing! It suits you. I have a lip gloss, this series is very beautiful and fits perfectly, if not for the taste... got to watch that oil closely. Let's ask Google about the colors )))
  • thank you!)study, I think some of the benefits needs to draw) and the taste is nothing special, although the description write that it is sweet
  • Indeed, oil is so much advantages that some definitely will attract! Thanks for the feedback.I'll add that in addition to the above, I will agree, the oil still gives good care. Seen on my forever (nervously) ragged lips. Softens, smoothes, heals if not, then visually heals. I love this oil. And all think how to wear it in the winter... Will it use.
  • Thanks for the feedback My lips become relatively saturated with all the balms, what I have in stock, maybe that's why I didn't notice any withdrawal, but they are very smooth after it, agree)
  • Repeat this oil for the third time, tint is the same (01 honey) and can't get enough in winter saves lips from chapping in the summer — very pretty and fits in harmoniously with light makeup. In General, love.
  • Yes!) I'm still puzzled why earlier went past him
  • Great oil, My favourite is the novelty of this spring the black currant
  • Consultant in the shop initially offered me the currants, but I passed) I think that will poloziti)
  • No, Smorodinka it arrived. And I like that the color can vary from light shade to deep
  • Be sure to take in the winter) thanks for the tip!)
  • Not for that I have tried mint, it's very nice, cools a little lip. But shade has not)Currants in the lead I have yet
  • Well, let's test
  • Yesterday saw the girlfriend in the shade of Black Currant. Looks very cool, but still leaves such a light tint. Now here's a thought, too, about buying, and then there's your post — just need to take
  • The dilemma, I will try to povucite somewhere currant and can be....)))I hope you too enjoy this product
  • What a Sunny post! Wonderful oil, great looks on the lips.
  • Spasiiibo Glad to be useful)
  • thanks for making the introduction
  • Mutually Glad to be useful)
  • You are beautiful.The blue gloss effect is not much different, great product.
  • Thank you very much!
  • I love the maximizer. Not willing to trade it yet, but who knows. You beauty, thanks for the interesting post.
  • I also want to try maximizer, reviews on it are always perfectly good)Thank you!
  • Plus! Balm was surprised, as well brand as a whole. Long did not dare to try, because they believed that the brand a La the mass market of poor quality, but after seeing positive reviews on YouTube (especially after Tati) and decided that I still will not lose a lot, and decided to buy from a lot of different And sincerely I can say that I liked almost everything: their shadows, pencils for eyes and lips and some lipsticks are not inferior to Urban Decay, Mac, etc. (have to compare). Base under shadows struck, as my Too Faced I was just frustrating her fat and at the same time drying texture! And your sponge and so very beautiful and Shine them decorated!
  • Yes) for about a year regularly go to Kiko and testing, testing.., test...)nail them worthy, very good skin line and brush) now I want a base under the shadows of which you have written! and then I have them was all a sad experience)thank you
  • Thank You Lucky not tried it - wear gel Polish. Care are not at risk — sitting on Korea/The Ordinary Brushes twisted, but decided that my Real Techniques enough for me (painted not so common to have 100 brushes ). Base even to the eye Neutral eye base, at least for the face, Radiant Boost — liked! Eyebrow pencil, Precision eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara fiber — the color is very thin and almost not rigid and mascara keeps brows (I have them thick). Pencils for lips CREAMY COLOUR COMFORT LIP LINER is awesome! Vitality Mac envy! Eyeliner LASTING 13 AUTOMATIC PRECISION EYELINER AND KHÔL - well kept and is not irritating to the eyes.
  • Will definitely look to your favorites, thank you so much
  • You have a perfect shape of lips!The glitter is beautiful, though I'm not a fan of such maximizer, more like glitter with a touch.
  • Thank you I also love the more products timtom and color, but then in the store I covered on AU naturel))
  • You are very beautiful girl! Glitter according to the description, would love to try
  • Thank you! Try it, Kiko right now good discounts ;)
  • Lip chic )) Accidentally tried to before their glitter for a similar effect, absolutely pleased with him ) was the maximizer did not see the difference
  • Spasiiibo Not seen in before such a product, though often visit their corner)
  • Woman You are beautiful, there is no doubt. But the product is crap, just full lips and good. Generally Kiko love passionately, their fragrance best in the world :) the Lipstick is gorgeous, the shade — wow! NARS rest! But glitter adorn You, not You :)
  • Thank you I am also very attracted to the shadows, be sure to get to them)
  • What beautiful lips!I have blue, is a good thing.
  • Thank you very much
  • Suits You very well) And lips of course
  • Spasiiibo
  • 1) You are very beautiful!2) I Have this in a white shade, like. When you do not want to bother, once or twice and beauty)
  • Thank you ;)Yeah, very ordinary product)

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