• Don't know how useful my experience, but I can say that I have a Combi skin and the winter is very dry, undernourished. Of creams saves me Uriage Xemose (Creme Emolliente Universelle) — suitable for face and body (if you want to nourish and moisturize specific areas in need of care. At first it seems that he's fat, but I he quickly absorbed and makes the skin soft and velvety. This is especially important, of course, after washing (wash Uriage Creme Lavante, also a nice thing, it cleans great, but does not desiccate). By the way, it is not powder, the makeup will not swim. Thanks to him, I forgot about the peeling. As for the masks, would love to hear other readers, because most want the same thing and You — nutrition and hydration.
  • Thank you! Almost not familiar with Caudalie, one seems to have been miceliari, but for a long time. Of the masks for myself, yet for reviews eye on Nuxe masque creme fraiche, well, like Clarins blue is highly praised.
  • Hi. :) I also have oily skin. Of creams can advisecream Sensitive skin, I wrote about it here in this post. It is lightweight, but protects from frost at elevated wet, the skin underneath it "warm", but no oily film. There gialuronka, so the cream moisturizes.As the mask I take the mask from the same series, it takes away the greasiness strong, and if you have pimples — dries them and reduces the redness.
  • Very interested in the cream, and almond too. A completely unfamiliar brand, you bought somewhere, or you can find in the city? I am in Minsk now live, but in St. Petersburg and Moscow fairly often. If there appear passwords, throw in PM please :)
  • the day cream is not a protective coating. it's a humidifier. it ends before they have time to get to places, it is better to take a decent concealer\BB\SS\primermaybe view (first thumbnail) ceramidase series Holika Holika skin&good cera? and the Face shop bazelikovo
  • Somehow I have no relations with Koreans yet, but, fortunately, with probes to miscalculate difficult, Face shop interested, thank you.
  • I also have oily skin and in cold weather becomes very dry. Saved by Clarins oils, baby cream (on the forehead, where I have often irritation). More like mask Granmama. But it removes only the appearance of dry skin. In fact heating, sudden cold and heat are the culprits of dryness, but they are not going anywhere. Even a humidifier partially rescued, and makeup suggest that this base
  • Also now use oil Calrins at night, like. Thought I needed a humidifier, especially at work — I need to read about them. Base this too — in miniature, but I use it only as a very delicate highlighter, all over face not very pleasant.
  • And how do you use Clarins oil?
  • I have Lotus, already the second bottle. Not may to say that this is a must-have — first was a couple of years ago, I enjoyed it for all eternity, moderately liked. But when finished, the second is not run. And I recently decided something to say :)
  • It seemed to me that Lotus just dry skin for long-term use, although I also understand it, only bought the second bottle)
  • I would advise you to pay attention to Professor skin cosmetics. However, if you now use drugstore brands, why not? In the PLR, for example, the Toleriane line. Well-nourished, you can pick up the funds at all stages of care. Treatment at the beautician, after which peeling is not a treatment, it is sabotage of some sort. Find a good specialist, especially in Minsk, I think there is a choice)And forget to APR about hydration. Day and night — powered only.
  • and you, too, in the winter the water do not eat, just eat? we must not forget about hydration ))) skin and wants to eat and drink))
  • I don't drink in winter in the cold and don't lick icicles, if you want such an analogy. Aqua cream when out in the cold will play with the skin a cruel joke, the result will be opposite to the expected.
  • where and who offers to apply moisture directly before leaving the house? the hour struck — a cream is absorbed and the forward is still day cream protection from frost will not give
  • The cream is not absorbed 100%. I have described the opinion of a dermatologist (not one, by the way) on this. What to do with your face — solve each independently.
  • I'm a dermatologist by profession)) so, maybe not completely. but the rest of the defence is insufficient
  • You do not understand me. However, it doesn't matter.However, in the cold season it is better to take a nourishing cream. And night and day. And moisture — masochki or moist.professional treatments can be realized.
  • Of course everyone has their opinion, but there's a trivial physics 5th grade. Yes, there is a widespread belief that in sub-zero temperatures do not need the street to use moisturizing cosmetics because it supposedly freezes and breaks the skin, cause flaking. But if you think about it, water freezes at 0, the temperature of average person is 36.6, and even in severe cold skin temperature does not become below 0, if the person is alive, of course. But moisturizing the skin is very necessary.
  • She was treated by a dermatologist (and further down the chain, a heap of doctors), and in search of a cosmetologist are still.In Minsk it is better with prices, but with the professional technology is not really (or maybe I haven't been that fortunate).I probably didn't make myself clear peeling appeared not from the treatment (more than six months have passed), and started showing up just a couple of weeks ago — still I sin in the cold. And what prof do you recommend? With pleasure would start attacks on this front
  • I go to the beautician in two different cities, one clinic works on the Holy Land and the other at the Renophase. Therefore, the care I have mainly these brands. More I like Renatas so dominated by this brand)
  • At night coconut oil now use 1-2 drops rubbed in the palms of sec 20, and then pressing motion apply go to bed, in the morning, skin like a baby. Day cream Arbarian Yuza sorbet. Mask really like the Glamglow hydrating,Fresh Line Royal, but she is very stubborn, Payot moisturizer in the blue tube, all three restore skin very well. And I think it is important to use a toner.
  • Thank you! Will definitely look into Payot. Have Fresh Line, I guess, the shelf life is small?
  • Nastya, I support the Council svetkarrr about moisturizing mask Payot. She is very favorably influenced my combination skin, prone to fat, it is not clogging pores even with frequent use. This is one of my favorite masks to moisturize the skin (after Sisley Express Flower Gel).
  • Shelf life 2 months, but they suggest a thick layer 2-3 times a week, so not lost)
  • Svetlana, Your comment addressed to the author of the post, apparently But for me, this information is also relevant, not yet "met" with the products Fresh Line.
  • I used to have oily skin, then after the hormone treatment the skin is normal, but heating in winter and frosts are felt, and sometimes also covered with salesincome (especially in the beginning of the heating season). I've not tried it... Well helped of pharmacy Aven cold cream, but this cream is for dry — to me he was too fat. This year took just a sample of Korean aloe gel (I thought that the price had not large and therefore if that throw will not be sorry), and in the end, he was saved me, and I'm with him now I won't. Gels I tried to use it, but I was uncomfortable wearing them or film laid down or absorbed eternity. This aloe gel has no such problems, should apply quite a bit, I love the smell of aloe (or loam???), absorbs very quickly and leaves no film. I have ALOE 99% Soothing Gel Holika Holika in a very cute packaging in the form of a leaf of aloe, but I think the big difference with gels of other aloe companies really not be. Try it — maybe You fit, in any case, this experiment is not very noticeable for the purse.
  • Thanks for the advice! I now drink the hormones got better, but no great changes. The aloe gel was distracted somehow, some American firms, praised him very much. But order never came. And how you apply it in the morning instead of cream? Or the cream? Or out of necessity? So many questions :)
  • I tried it already in different ways, if the street is very cold and the battery needs to cut in on full — paint nejatnia at night (but not too much, once applied as a mask — in the end, the effect of the film appeared) in the morning instead of moisturizer, it absorbs quickly and I immediately put the powder if you go to work if somewhere in other place, the top paint or makeup base and powder on it, either SS or BB cream and powder on top, no problems in stability of the cosmetic gel causes. Even tried it on hand instead of cream, too much. So I think whether he wounds to heal?! and that is a pity zhivotinku to strip, completely bald was, if I understood what is there in the composition of these Koreans write their scribbles, it would be easier for such an experiment to decide. Home and Bush would not have suffered.To this gel morning ritual was endless — at the beginning of the tonic, then the thermal water, then depending on the circumstances of the serum/emulsion/cream or combinations thereof and each layer should be given time to soak, the gel has brought it all to the 30 seconds time.
  • Nastya, I highly recommend You to look attentively at the Sisley soothing mask with lime. She literally works wonders with the skin after exposure to the cold. However, this mask is good at any time of the year.
  • Love Kiehl's ultra facial range.Mask night very pleased (Overnight hydrating masque), for the night brings the person in normal state (this is my subjective opinion, friend did not like the stickiness, but I'm not paying attention). And another thing: Kiehl's does not skimp on the samples. So if you can — try.
  • Oh, I also like some of the products they have. There is a moisturizer for travel and the lip balm of the same series, and their eye cream with avocado is one of the few to which the eyes react normally. But the night mask never tried, although it is they like in best sellers. Thanks for the tip :)
  • Nastya, I don't know what brand you common, but having a problem skin, with the combination and sometimes dry and very sensitive to winter frosts, I loved this cream It not only hydrates well but also is beneficial for the problem areas is valid. Except that the matting from him should not wait. I'm not worried in the winter about oily sheen, I have this problem leaves on the second plan)But do not take lifting with the word in the title, is quite another.

Reticulation Perception — that we brought in collaboration Colourpop and Shayla? - review

Good day, everyone Today I want to show you the palette of Perception, which Colorpop released in conjunction with beauty blogger Shayla. Welcome to under the cat :) A little background I have to say that Colourpop has a special place in my heart. It so happened that due to this budget Marc ...

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  • And I Matt orange reminiscent of the Prism ABH, but I do a lot of imagining right now where) the) Trend ))
  • Wow, been waiting for a review somewhere in the.. I am also on the green led, but still somnevalis, they say, and suddenly he's not like that(I've been waiting for something green in the charts, but YES, what you need, order, yet nabla soul blooming is also required to take (a beautiful palette, really interesting, although there is pink) and this month the charts enough HD
  • Yes! Although this is strange, of course, to buy 16 shades of one But the girls and girls. If this is not the only palette in the collection, and the basic colors enough, it will definitely be a nice addition.
  • Yes, plenty, plus, in the nabla blooming soul are two fine the most that neither is neutral, so pale as I the it HD, there bright as shown, or rogovenko, or slightly yellow to give should not, I hope it will be so. And so I, too brown-eyed, that wanted such long time green, and now blue interesting, the apartment would not have bought it, and very interesting to try)
  • the transition is still no need to do dark shadows, watched the course of Gohar ( for those who believe that downloaded, a huge Hello). So. I watched the course and now Gohar clever :)
  • Definitely not necessary, but wanted to show what can be done using only this palette. For red these shades perfect for the transition, but whites definitely have to add something, I agree.
  • I did not like dark shadows. The feeling that go in the dirt. And so very interesting. But with her it's hard enough for me. No binder colors. So, a bright addition to a complete collection of shadows
  • Yes, it's definitely not a palette that I will throw in a suitcase, for example. Exactly what Supplement. I think for dark skin it is more versatile.
  • Thank you very much for the post! Kept thinking do I need this palette, it attracted a variety of shades and dark, but the feeling that they have me on the eyelids will lie dirty mess, your post really helped to define
  • I will support your decision. I was going more for the metallics) Green, blue, pink (bronze and gold are beautiful, too, but this I well very much), and all I was pleased. If your goal is dark do not all behave perfectly, it is necessary to look for something else.
  • Thank you for your hard work, it was very interesting to finally see a review on this palette are Beautiful, indeed
  • Beautiful bright shades of green, pink.Dark brown, sorry, looks dirty and has stained.If not for this fact, the makeup would look great!
  • If you like these herbal green, look at the shade Side of Olives brand Colouredraine. Sold a tiny Studio apartment. This amazing beauty soft creamy foil.Your palette diverse, encourages experimentation. I, for example, it is not necessary that the palette was diluted with shades for the crease and so on. For this purpose, I have Urban Decay Naked Basic 2 and others, so better for me to the palette was more interesting accent colors, and these are the basic only piling up.
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