• Honestly, anything criminal did not see. Quite a decent lipstick:)
  • Thank you for the comment) Maybe you're right, this is my first lipstick and lip gloss. I used to have a regular lipstick and a lip gloss.
  • Ready to see under the cut the horror and nightmare, but did everything pretty well, and the color — fabulous
  • Thank you) the Colors I like, but very much lip dry(
  • Very beautiful color. And it limitka or she is in the permanent collection?
  • Thank you) honestly, you can't tell. I bought it for the new year in the promotional products...
  • I ponimaju — after the glitter any lipstick will seem mega-drying! Helps me to put the balm in a thick layer, wait 10 minutes, dry with a cloth and then just the lipstick, or lips going crazy from the dryness!)
  • The penultimate photo is a bit fuzzy. Hard to consider it. And there is a little bit clearer?
  • Tomorrow I will try to do)))
  • On the hand is quite a nice color... I'd love to get on the lips, maybe You exaggerate the "terror"?
  • Added)
  • I think Your assessment of this lipstick is not entirely justified: for example, to evaluate the extent to which it is hammered into the folds, can only Swatch on the lips, but they do not over dry my lips dry absolutely all of the lipsticks and glosses, except for Dior Addict.
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